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Kimber Dean

Chawne Kimber, Thomas Roy and Lura Forrest Jones Professor of Mathematics, head of the Mathematics Department, and co-director of the Hanson Center for Inclusive STEM Education at Lafayette College, has been named dean of the College at Washington and Lee University.

kimber dean

About ten days ago, W&L announced a new dean of the college, Chawne Kimber, head of the math department and co-director of the STEM education at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania. She will oversee 21 departments and 13 interdisciplinary programs.

In May 2021, Washington and Lee University announced that Kimber would become the school's Dean of the College effective July 1, 2021.[7][19] She is responsible "for 21 departments and 13 interdisciplinary programs. The dean serves as chair of the Committee on Courses and Degrees and belongs to the Faculty Executive Committee. The dean reports to the provost and serves on the Provost's Academic Council as well as the President's Council".[7]

Steve Hahn, assistant dean for admissions and academic services at the Graduate School, has served as interim vice provost for enrollment management since June 2013, when he replaced Joanne Berg upon her retirement.

Other members of the search and screen committee are: Harriet Allen, university services program associate, Office of Admissions; Lori Berquam, vice provost for student life and dean of students, Division of Student Life; Paula Gates, human resources assistant, Division of Enrollment Management; Gail Geiger, professor, Department of Art History; Jocelyn Milner, associate vice provost and director, Academic Planning and Institutional Research; Tim Norris, associate vice chancellor, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration; Alison Rice, student services coordinator, College of Letters & Science; Tori Richardson, assistant dean, Student Academic Affairs, College of Letters & Science; Thatcher Root, professor, College of Engineering; Andy Stoiber, student representative; and Emily Tarter, senior student services coordinator, School of Pharmacy. 041b061a72


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