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Substance use among young adults warrants special attention. The steadyincrease in substance use that begins in adolescence peaks during theyoung adult years (Johnston etal., 2014). Unlike many of the trends discussed in thisreport, this escalation of substance use tends to be as high or higheramong middle-class whites relative to other groups (Johnston et al., 2014).Young adult rates and trajectories of substance use show considerablehistorical variation, reflecting cohort and period effects over the past30 years (Johnston et al.,2014). Of particular concern, the rate of increase in use ofalcohol and marijuana during this time period has become more rapid formore recent cohorts (Jager etal., 2013). At the same time, the general declines insubstance use that characterize the rest of adulthood also tend to startin young adulthood; both sets of changes are associated with social rolechanges during this period (Bachman et al., 2001; Schulenberg and Maggs, 2002). Alcohol use and especiallybinge drinking generally peak in the early 20s before declining, atrajectory that is especially pronounced among college students (asdiscussed in Chapter 4);depending on the historical period, marijuana use tends to peak somewhatearlier (Johnston et al.,2014). Also depending on the historical period, annual and30-day cigarette use tends to peak in the middle 20s and then decline;daily cigarette use, however, continues to increase with age across the20s (Johnston et al.,2014). Thus, young adult health behavior is risky in many waysbut also suggests a nascent positive trend. Another way of looking atthese patterns is that young adulthood may be the last gasp of many ofthe behavioral risks of the early life course.

Infection: Humanity's Last Gasp download for windows 10


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