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Sonic Dash 2 Em Kogama BETTER

Kogama: Sonic Dash 2 it's a fun mixture of Minecraft blocky 3d runner game with Kogama style multiplayer game that you can enjoy free on! This pixel parkour survival game, which includes numerous minigames with enhanced gameplay elements such as the classic Sonic Spin Dash and the versatile homing attack, continue Sonic and Knuckles' story from where they left off in their previous game. This add-on will allow you to immerse yourself in the world of Sonic survival with a bang by allowing you to access the maps in Sonic Dash 2. Several resources are available in our collection, including the mod itself and thematic maps. Beyond the fact that you will be able to immerse yourself in the world of Sonic Dash 2, we have created textures that will remind you of the classic Super Mario game design. So that you can enjoy the new version of this add-on, we have worked hard to make long-awaited improvements to Sonic runners for Minecraft fans. About Kogama: Sonic Dash 2?Sonic and his friends are again prepared to embark on a fantastic journey!However, they require your assistance, and you cannot turn down this adorable blue hedgehog. Dr Eggman has set up several obstacles and traps for you to navigate through on your journey. Our protagonist managed to send him to another dimension during the previous battle, but he could return somehow. And now you're faced with the prospect of having to defeat Doc once more. I've spent my entire life hunting hedgehogs that are out of the ordinary because they produce a lot of energy. But, unfortunately, many evil Eggman robots require her assistance in their work, and she, in turn, requires their assistance. Do your best and have fun in this fun SEGA title Sonic Dash here on our website! What is the best way to play?Before you begin the game, you have the option of selecting one of the following heroes: Sonic, Knuckles, Metal Sonic, or Silver the Hedgehog.After that, you'll have to navigate your way through a series of obstacle courses. Your objective is to amass as many gold rings as you possibly can. They possess a magical property that allows you to protect yourself from harm. In other words, the rings act as a protective shield. See how far you can push yourself in this fantastic game, Kogama: Sonic Dash 2 unblocked online here on!Controls in Kogama: Sonic Dash 2?-WASD or arrow keys to move-Space bar to jump-K to suicide (restart)Release Date April 2017 and updated to WebGL on December 2021Date added Chicago Time: 31 December 2021 08:34Type WebGLDeveloper kogama.comMobile Mode Not implemented yet!Publisher kogama.comPlatform PC, and Web browser.HTTPS Ready YesCategories Running, Parkour, Scary, 1 player, WebGL, Minecraft, Ability, Multiplayer.Other Fun Sonic Games To Play:-Sonic the Hedgehog-AdventNEON-Sonic the Hedgehog 3-Sonic Sky Impact-Sonic Rpg Eps 1Content ratingEveryone, Pegi 7More Information About Kogama: Sonic Dash 2Join the six Squid games from the series now crafted into the world of Kogama online here on for free. The Kogama: Sonic Dash 2 can be played for free online, along with other online run games and Minecraft 3D game running online. If you enjoyed this game try other games from our Sonic game category here on our website!WalkthroughFor a better understanding of the game, you can check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube gameplay of Kogama: Sonic Dash 2 online here on

Sonic Dash 2 em Kogama



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