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HD Online Player (the Market Maker's Edge Free Pdf)

The market makers edge is the difference between what they charge their clients and how much they can earn on their own trades. Their edge depends on the number of shares they buy and sell, and on the number of orders they accept.

HD Online Player (the market maker's edge free pdf)

In the table below, the examples show the profit from a market order, which your online broker would not want to take. The market makers edge is the difference between the total value of the trade and their accepted price.

The higher the share value you purchase, the more profit your online broker earns. For your $1,000 market order, you could reduce the profit by making small changes to the parameters of the trade. For example, you could put a limit order for 250 shares, or alternatively you could put a limit order of $150 for 50 shares. In each case, the share price is lower than the best available price, so you would pay more, but you would reduce the trade value and your brokers risk.

In a matter of hours, HD Online Player (HO, as our method is known) can place $200-300 million worth of MTF orders in the market. Having direct access to over 120 stock exchanges and trading venues, HO creates a competitive edge for clients. In the short term, HO's 80,000+ DARTs placed since the start of 2020 has created a daily $5-6 million average flow of market fill.

I hope that you found the HD Online Player (HO) that works for you. Some people need to be more aggressive than others and I think that's OK. In the end, your online broker is going to do what's best for you and the best option is for you to get the best deal for your orders.HO will continue to grow and may be updated from time to time.


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