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Introduction to the CASHe Customer Care Number – CASHe, a leading financial service provider, places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction by offering a range of accessible and user-friendly support options. This article provides a detailed overview of CASHe’s customer care services, covering contact numbers, email addresses, WhatsApp support, Grievance Redressal, RBI Sachet Portal details, and the added convenience of a contact form on the official website,

CASHe App Customer Care Number

CashE doesn’t have a direct phone number for you to call Them. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to ask VIA Email Address. However, if you are looking to contact CASHe regarding loan products or enterprise packages, the provided information instructs you to reach out via email. For general queries related to loan products, you can email

If you’re inquiring about the enterprise package, the email address is They emphasize that email is the preferred mode of communication for customer queries, ensuring a prompt response to your inquiries.

Customer Care of Bhanix Finance & Investment Ltd. (CashE App official Company)

  1. Identify Official Name: Recognize that Bhanix Finance & Investment Ltd. is the official name of CashE, the financial service provider.

  2. Gather Contact Information: Collect the customer care contact details for Bhanix Finance & Investment Ltd. This includes the telephone number – 022-46047350, and the official email address –

  3. Initiate Contact: To reach customer care, dial the provided telephone number, 022-46047350. This direct line ensures you connect with Bhanix Finance & Investment Ltd., also known as CashE.

  4. Email Communication: Alternatively, for written communication, use the official email address, This allows for documented queries and facilitates efficient resolution.

  5. Specify Your Query: Clearly state your query or concern when contacting customer care. Whether by phone or email, providing specific details helps customer care address your issue effectively.

By following these steps, users can connect with Bhanix Finance & Investment Ltd. (CashE) customer care, utilizing both telephone and email communication channels for assistance and support.


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